The Backstory

Thousands of years ago, our people lived in a world that was rich and full of life. With axe and fire, Man hewed down the forests and carved out the mountains, establishing footholds on nearly every continent. Great cities were built with towers that cut through the clouds. Great airships crisscrossed the skies.

Fueling all of this was magic, a potent and primal force that Man harnessed greedily. But still it was not enough. And so Man's greatest sorcerers and magic users banded together in great colleges and began to delve into magic, seeking to purify it, to extract it, to create it.  It was their experimentation that brought about the apocalypse. 

We do not know what specific event triggered the apocalypse, but it destroyed our world, poisoning and tainting it with foul death magic. Creatures and Man were mutated into bestial monsters. The lands were badly scarred: rivers diverted, lakes poisoned, coastlines swallowed by ocean, erupted volcanoes, collapsed mountains. In the north, great fissures opened up in the land that issued forth foul poisons that killed all non-monstrous creatures. 

Man suffered for his sins. Starvation, warfare, and the events of the cataclysm devastated entire regions. The predation of monstrous hordes depopulated them. For a time it seemed that Man would be destroyed, wiped off the face of the world. But it was not to be, for Man is a tenacious race. We survived, if only barely, and found ourselves forced to adapt to a new world. 

The Setting

The world is dangerous. The apocalypse pockmarked the land with founts of wild magic that contaminate their immediate surroundings. Furthermore, monstrous tribes live scattered throughout the world. Some have tentative alliances with humans, while others prey upon them and are hunted in return. 

The Calban Empire - a large Empire that spans most of a continent. Its capital city is called Vor Calba and is a wealthy trading city that hosts a million souls, believed to be the largest city since the apocalypse. It is ruled by an enigmatic individual – known only as "The Ruler"

The Ruler maintains his control through the operations of the Chosen – a select group of warriors, spies, assassins, and experts of all kinds. They are feared and respected by many and go forth often into the world at the Ruler's bidding. 











Wizards and Whatnot

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