Wizards and Whatnot

The Battle of Hadovar's Ridge
Main Quest 1

The Chosen tracked down the army of Arnavale – composed of the few thousand professional soldiers of the 22nd Imperial Foot as well as several thousand irregular militias levied from different villages.

Caerholm, now commander of the Arnavale forces, decided to encamp the army atop Hadavar's Hill and fortify it against the oncoming enemy onslaught.

The battle was bloody and fierce. The sheer numbers of the monstrous horde turned the tide in their favor and for a few frantic moments it seemed as if the human army would be annihilated to a man. However, the Chosen, through their leadership and combat skills, managed to turn the tide of battle. They fought the Red Horned One and his retainers in close combat and Leonid struck the killing blow, slaying the Red Horned One and breaking the will of his army.

The monsters fled the field, killing and trampling each other in their haste to escape. No sane commander could call the day a victory considering the losses the Arnavalian army endured. But the humans survived and the Duchy, what was left of it, was saved.

The Chosen returned back to the capitol of Vor Calba, to report to the Bloodknight and bring news of their victory.

Blood and Dust
Main Quest 1

The Chosen returned to Arnavale, magically tracking the Red Horned One back to the capitol of the Duchy.

They found the city in flames and the castle under attack by Beastmen. They broke into the Duke's tower and discovered his mangled carcass, the Red Horned One making his escape out a window.

The Duchess, freed from her cell, faces the Chosen and told them that the Red Horned One was a mutated child that she had left in the Deepwoods at a Deepwoods Shrine. The Red Horned One was consumed by rage and sought to destroy humanity for his rejection. He was leading a great army composed of harpies, stone trolls, werewolves, and various beastmen tribes to ambush the forces of Arnavale.

In the Deepwoods
Main Quest 1

Leonid infiltrates the Deepwoods Court and meets a group of elves working for the Ruler. Their assault is repulsed and the Chosen, bruised and battered, flee the woods. But not without new knowledge: The Red Horned One is connected somehow to the Duke's family and to a child that was left at a Deepwoods shrine long ago. Perhaps he is a long-lost child of the Duke? 

Magical tracking leads the Chosen back to Arnavale. There they find the castle in flames, under attack by beastmen. 

The Northern Duchy
Main Quest 1

The Chosen have been tasked with finding and slaying the Red Horned one, the cunning and ferocious leader of the Beastmen. They capture a Beastman warleader in the Northern duchy, which has been almost overrun with the Bestial tribes, and interrogate him. He reveals the existence of the Deepforest Court – where the Red Horned one rules. 

Meeting with the Duke
Main Quest 1

The Chosen enter Arnavale.

The holding proper is on a war footing and the castle has been stripped bare. Orison, Mateo, and Leonid arrived at the Duke's castle to learn that he had sequestered himself in his rooms and saw that the castle was curiously empty of the bulk of its soldiery and servants. 

The Inn
Main Quest 1

Heavy rains forced the Chosen to take shelter in an inn along the way. There they found a group of soldiers belonging to the 22nd Imperial Foot. 

Orison enquired about the suspected desertion of soldiers from Oakvale and learned that 50 men had gone missing and their armor and weapons had been found neatly arranged in a field some ways from the village. Some were suspecting something more than simple desertion.

Leonid spoke to the captain of the soldiers, a Bry Caerholm, about the beast attacks. 

Main Quest 1

A steady tide of refugees has been fleeing Arnavale. The Chosen encountered a group who were the only survivors of their village: a village of over a hundred souls named Oakvale. Leonid carried out a magic ritual that confirmed the refugees' claims that their village had been attacked by beasts of the deep woods. Orison and Mateo learned news even more troubling, the villagers were claiming that their garrison had abandoned the village before the attack. 

The Beastmen of Arnavale
Main Quest 1

The Bloodknight issues forth a task to Leonid, Mateo and Orison of the Ruler's Chosen.

The Duke of Arnavale calls for aid! The Duchy of Arnavale sits in the Empire's North East. Bestial tribes have become organized to an unprecedented level and have been attacking and massacring villages. The tribes are being led by a leader known as the Red Horned One. 

The trio must speak to the Duke and investigate the attacks. 


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