Description: Stylish Warrior Fabio On Fantasy Steroids Except Most Of Them Are Just Highly Ineffective And Gross

Name: Mateo

Appearance: Big muscular man of an uncertain age. Mediterranean skin tone. Scars, well healed, over his body. Very handsome, sort of a jawline heavy face. Some excellent, flowing, dark brown hair which reaches to about his shoulder blades.

Skills: Fighting, Looking Pretty, Charm (In Certain Situations), Riding, Tracking, Constitution (He Can Eat Anything)

Weaknesses: He Is Not A Smart Man, He Will Eat Anything

Weapons: One short sword, worn at the waist, a great sword (zweihander, flamebladed) worn across his back, a short bow plus quiver with his gear, and dirk for personal use somewhere on his person.

Outfit: In the city; a white linen shirt, fitted silk pants, an ornate sash and overcoat. On the road; leather armour reinforced with steel over padded silk shirt and pants, armoured boots.


Biography: Born in a small town on the southern sea, Mateo’s childhood was a chaotic one. As a toddler his family was uprooted from their home after the scandalous death of his father and their subsequent banishment by the local Duke. His mother took up trade as a travelling minstrel, and he and his elder sisters accompanied her as she plied her trade up and down the land with a variety of groups. It was an interesting life, to be sure, though a dissolute one. Often the line between minstrelling and prostitution was thin. A young Mateo was often noted for getting into fights with any who questioned his mother’s integrity.

It was on a trip north that their group was set upon by bandits, thinning their group considerably and leaving the remaining members- Mateo and his sister- in the lurch. They wandered for a time, lost, drifting further and further north, living off the land and sparse charity, all pretense of performing abandoned. It was in the woods that they were confronted by a bear, and in the woods that a young Mateo and Juana fended it off with sticks and stoned. Only then, did a woman of the mountain tribes, suitably impressed, take the pair in. Although they kept their native tastes, they adapted quickly to a more wild lifestyle, Juana especially. Both trained as warriors, as much out of necessity as interest, but when a sixteen year old Mateo decided to return south to seek his fortune some place with Real Clothes and Fresh Fruit, his sister stayed with the new family she had made in the mountains.

Mateo found fighting people easy, especially after fighting bears and beast of all kinds. He’d always had a head for brawls, and with experience that knack became a skill. With lots of luck and some intelligence, he managed to stay alive long enough to excel, as a guard, a mercenary, and a general blade of all trades. While other soldiers spent their money on women and men, Mateo prefered nice clothing, very nice food, and a variety of experiments in an oddly specific subset of potions.

He served various notables, and eventually the ruler, before finding himself a cushy place as one of his Chosen. Just stupid enough to be hard to fool and highly loyal, he’s valuable asset, in his own way.

Character Relationships: He Likes Everyone More Or Less (Leo More Tho)


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