Leonid of the Morovid


Appearance: Northern tribesman, pale complexion and very dark hair color, while his pupils are a striking dark blue common among the Morovids. Even though he is already in his late middle age, his beard and hair make him look older. Wears animal skins and has many magical enchantments tattooed on his skin, along with various runes and charms he wears, including rings and pendants. His magic keeps his body in good shape, and his arms are especially well-muscled from his training regime with his runed longsword, which he has owned since his days among his tribe. His body has scars from years of fighting in the North, as well as scars he earned being among the Chosen.

Description: Shaman from the North, he feels no need to hide his magic in public and considers southern peasantry unworthy of his respect, unless they show him the respect he believes he deserves as an expert magic practitioner

Skills: Northern spellsword. Fights with a runed longsword, knows mordividian water magic and human blood magic.

Weapons: Runed longsword, skinning dagger, as well as some magical gear.

Outfit: Animal skins, including a wolf skin he wears as a cloak.


Northern Shaman – resistance to magical inflictions, cold resistance and expert knowledge in northern spell casting.

Spellcaster of the Morovid – Fluent speaker in Morovidian, specializes in the water magic of this tribe

Spellsword – Fights with a personalized runed longsword, channels magic through it like a staff.

Former Hermit – Long years living alone with no distraction have heightened his skills considerably, although he has trouble connecting with other people.

Aging – This character isn’t as young as he used to be. Increased magical ability but reduced combat stamina.

I’m Not Racist….. But – Northern life is difficult, and the elven drow don’t make it any easier. Extremely low opinion of drow and somewhat lowered opinion of all elves at first meeting.

Leg Injury – During the Arnavale quest, Leo suffered injuries to his leg and this has resulted in reduced combat stamina.


Grew up in the North, was a shaman/spellslinger with the Tribe of the Morovid: a tribe along the Morovid River. The Morovids worship a pantheon of Gods which is led by the Sea King, a mythical figure that is said to live deep below the depths of the Zee. Has been depicted in various forms, although generally the King is viewed as a shapeshifter of the seas. The Sea King is an uncaring God who rarely enters mortal affairs, while his daughter, the Goddess Morovid (Mother Morovid), frequently deals with mortals and shamans commune with Her almost daily. The Morovid tribe also considers Mother Morovid the creator of all mermaids/mermen, and while Empire law would consider these creatures beasts, Morovidians venerate these creatures, sacrifices and offerings included. Shamans communicate with these creatures and the tribe and the mermaids have a symbiotic relationship: the tribe protects the creatures while the mer teach the young shamans the unique magic that makes the tribal spellslingers one of the most feared on the continent.

When Leo was a young man the tribe was led by a weak and timid ruler who allowed the warriors of the Morovid to grow weak while the shamans grew foolish. The bestial tribes which the Morovids have protected the mer from for ages felt weakness instantly and the raids began, and at the same time, neighboring tribes warred with the already weakened Morovids. Leonid grew up during these state of affairs and found them unacceptable, and as a young man led a failed rebellion which led to his exile from the tribe. He was only saved from execution because of sympathy from the tribal elders, who knew that Leonid was still destined for great things in his life.

Before Leo was ever apart of the tribal rebellion, he grew up isolated from the rest of the tribal children because of his remarkable magical abilities. He was raised by the other shamans of the tribe to control his ability, considered a necessary precaution since a shaman who could not control their power was a danger not just to the tribe, but to anybody who crossed their path. This allowed him to become especially close to the elders and other gifted children of the tribe.

Once Leonid came of age and was released from his unique tutelage, he quickly became one of the lead shamans among his tribe and fomented resentment towards the High Chief. The younger Leonid was much more persuasive when he was younger, specifically among his tribe. What began as little diplomatic snubs towards the High Chief escalated into full-fledged violence, and soon the tribe’s area of the Northern Expanse was a war zone.

Leonid was not able to bring victory to his supporters, and his exile from the tribe changed his life forever.

He traveled along the Northern coast until he eventually reached the Empire, a man who was on his way to be the greatest shaman and potential next High Chief of his tribe, now reduced to the status of a lone wiseman.

He built a hut for himself at the edge of the forest, close enough to a river and the coast where he was able to further his knowledge of his own magical art, as well as the darker side of blood magic. He continued this lifestyle for many years, before a small group of Chosen hunting for beasts encountered Leo, and after realizing his abilities, brought him to the Ruler where he could be of better use to the Empire.

The Morovid tribe’s High Chief recently died and a much more qualified successor has been chosen, and the tribe is in a better state now. Leonid is unaware of this and still holds a resentment towards the old High Chief.

Character relationships:
Bros with Mateo
Not so bros with Orison
Bros with Leliana

Accomplishments during Rp:
Participated in the battle of Hadovar’s Ridge, got the killing blow on the Red Horned One.

Leonid of the Morovid

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