A rogue and a fiend.


Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair color/style: brown, short pixie cut
Skin tone: light brown
Orison appears completely unnoteworthy. She is not exceptionally attractive by conventional standards, nor is she especially ugly. Her eyes are a brownish green. Her expression is always somewhere near disinterested, unless she feels strongly about a subject. She feels like her mouth is too wide, though it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of her features. Something is catlike about her, though that could be her actual appearance, her mannerisms, or a way she presents herself.

Carries two daggers and a shortsword.

Is skilled in poisonmaking, stealing, and assassinating, as well as riding horses and generally handling animals.


“I do not know if I know where to begin. I was born in the capital to two immigrants. I still do not know where my parents came from, but they brought my two elder brother from there. My sisters and I are identical triplets. We were very, very poor. We starved as children. That is why I am so small now, I believe. We are all very small now. Our parents died when we were young, of some disease, or something else. We know not. We all worked so much.”

“Somehow, it fell to me to be the head of the household. My sisters and I, when nothing else could be done, worked . . . on the streets. Many men will pay for a young girl. I learned to steal things, as well. Pickpocketing, at first, and then stealing from people’s homes. This continued for quite a while.”

“One of my brothers was killed. By me. I killed him. He liked to hit my sisters and I, and . . . do things to us.”

“I learned poisons. It was a time of misery and sickness and starvation, all of my childhood. But later, when I was on my own, I met another thief. We worked so well together, as partners.”

“We had broken into a nobleman’s treasury and . . . something went wrong. We had to run. We got separated and I have not seen him since; I have no way of finding him and he no way of finding me. I decided that if I were to catch the attention of the Ruler, become Chosen, I would be able to go farther to look for him. That was . . . a while ago. I have not been good at keeping up with how much time has gone by. I have gone many places and done many things for our Ruler.”

Leo – less than friends
Mateo – okay cool
Still in love with partner


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